May 12, 2021

Mercadona signs a pre-agreement to raise the salaries of its staff by 15%

Mercadona signs a pre-agreement to raise the salaries of its staff by 15%

The negotiating parties of the collective agreement of Mercadona have reached a pre-agreement that will imply a real salary increase close to 15 percent during its validity, as indicated in a communiqué of CCOO.

Sources of Mercadona consulted by Efe have stated that the agreement is in the negotiation phase until mid-December and until an agreement is closed, its content will not be communicated publicly.

According to a CCOO note, an agreement has been reached that guarantees that the most important claim is fulfilled, that all Mercadona workers have a real salary increase, which they will notice in January of next year and in the coming years.

In addition, after two days of negotiations, on November 26 and 27, the irregular working day has been limited through several measures, among them, decrease and limit the number of weekly days from 10 working hours to two, and check the monthly calendars every four months so that accumulated hours that are equal to or greater than twelve will be returned in full days.

For the first time, the union stands out, the conditions of all the workers are reflected, including in the agreement some of the conditions that exist in the logistics centers, and an observatory will be opened for the information and study of the changes that the company is making in different aspects such as the service of ready to eat or delivery at home.

The union explains that there are pending issues in the negotiation that will be discussed at the next meeting on December 4. EFE


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