Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Mercadona seeks graduates in ESO or FP for 245 positions with salaries of € 25,200 per year

Mercadona busca titulados en ESO o FP para 245 empleos con sueldos de 25.200 euros anuales

The expansion plan of Mercadona For the Spanish territory leaves behind a lot of job offers, all of them collected in your portal. The chain advertises a total of 460 jobs throughout the national territory to cover vacancies in positions of responsibility as staff of centers throughout the country.

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Among them, and as the newspaper points out ABC, the chain seeks personnel with a minimum qualification of professional training (FP) or Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) to cover 245 jobs with an initial salary of 1,328 euros per month. These positions would be linked to a wage progression in the fourth year to 1,797 in fourteen payments. In total, up to 25,158 euros per year for base positions.


Mercadona returned in 2018 to increase its profits, and also spectacularly. If in 2017 it had reduced its profits due to the heavy investments to remodel the network of stores, last year they recovered their growth and reached a gross figure of 1,213 million euros. Juan Roig, president of the brand, has stressed that the net profit was 593 million, 84% more than in the previous year.

Roig justified the great increase in benefits in that "we have known how to treat customers well. Last year was a big change and that has been noticed. " The firm, with a staff of 85,800 employees, invoiced 24,305 million euros, 6% more. These figures confirm the good health of the Valencian company, which invested more than 1,500 million of its own resources.

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