Mercadona needs 200 workers and pay up to 69,000 euros a year - La Provincia

This Wednesday has been made publica great job offer inMercadona,more than200 vacancies available.The Juan Roig supermarket chain is in the process of digital transformation and needs to expand the workforce ofcomputerTo complete this goal.

Thus, Mercadona offers 200 jobs for computer scientists who add up to the 700 that the company already has. As they explain from the web "it is an excellent opportunity to join a team full of talent and with constant capacity for improvement".

Those with training who seek to work in Mercadona and meet the requirements of these jobs will receive, in the case of achieving the position, salaries that may reachup to 34,500 euros gross per yearmore goals, full time. In the case of those who occupy one of the positions ofresponsibility, the salary in Mercadona for these vacancies amounts to69,000 euros per yearmore objectives in a full-time contract.


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