Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Mercadona invests 29 million euros in new uniforms | Economy

Mercadona invests 29 million euros in new uniforms | Economy

The Mercadona supermarket chain announced on Monday an investment of 29 million euros to renew the uniform of its store workers. According to the statement disseminated by the Spanish company, the new garments will be distributed between March and July, and aim to improve the mobility and comfort of its more than 84,000 workers.

In particular, the renovation of the costumes, which is already effective for the workers of the more than 400 supermarkets that the company currently has adapted to Your new Efficient Store Model in Spain, will be carried out progressively in the rest of stores until it is implemented in all the supermarkets of the chain on July 22.

Mercadona has indicated that the main objective of this change is to improve the job position of store personnel with more comfortable uniforms. Thus, he has opted for elastic fabrics and improved the design of the shirts, changes that seek to promote mobility. In addition, the qualities in all the garments have been improved, guaranteeing breathability, mobility, resistance of fabrics and colors. Along with these ergonomic improvements, the new uniform also updates its design, more modern and according to the style of the Efficient Store Model.

This initiative, which is part of the measures that Mercadona carries out to satisfy the worker, reinforces the human resources policy of the supermarket chain, which is committed to the creation of stable and quality employment. In addition, it is presented as part of the modernization of the company, which since 2017 is committed to a new design to improve the distribution, decoration and layout of all sections with the aim of improving and optimizing the shopping experience.

According to the data of balance of the distribution of the consultancy Kantar Worldpanel, Mercadona is positioned as the largest distributor of consumer products, while at the same time is included among the five Spanish companies -beside Inditex, El Corte Inglés, the Dia and Eroski supermarkets highlighted in the annual report of the 250 most powerful retail companies in the world, a ranking that Deloitte produces each year.


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