October 25, 2020

Mercadona installs a system that detects people with an order to leave the establishment

Mercadona has announced the implementation of a people detection system in its stores with orders to leave the establishment. This “improvement in security” is active today in approximately 40 stores in Mallorca, Zaragoza and Valencia, as the company has indicated in a statement, “duly identified with informative signage”.

The system works through the recognition of physical features and detects “only and exclusively” the entry of people with a final sentence and a precautionary measure of restraining order in force, the establishment of Mercadona or one of its workers.

PAsked by how the system recognizes these people if the sentences do not include a photograph, the company explains that “we have the image, because it is one of the tests that we provide to the trial to demonstrate the fact.”

According to the statement, “the system allows the violation to be detected and, after scientifically confirming that this person is involved, the security forces and bodies are notified.” Likewise, the technology “does not save any additional information, since it is completely eliminated in 0.3 seconds.”

The Valencian company stresses that the measure has been carried out “in constant contact with the corresponding authorities to guarantee full protection and all its legal guarantees.”


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