Mercadona has half the work absenteeism that the rest of the sector – The Province

Mercadona has half the work absenteeism that the rest of the sector - The Province

TheMercadona human resources policyhas been highlighted internationally byHarvard Business Reviewin 2018 for taking "the maximum performance" of its staff. The prestigious business school in the United States maintains that the company presided over by Juan Roig has taken advantage of "the creative and problem-solving skills of workers to suggest improvements." A recognition that occurs after closing an exercise in which work absenteeism has stood at 1.98%; that is, half of the sector.

As acknowledged by the management report of Inmo-Alameda, the assets of Juan Roig through which it participates in the share capital ofMercadona, the supermarket chain – with almost 1,700 stores and 86,000 employees – achieves surprising rates of absenteeism compared to the rest of the commercial distribution firms, since they stand at 4.3%, highlights the latest report fromRandstad Research. The Mercadona's balance on labor absenteeism, an issue that worries the president of the company, as he has repeatedly stated given its impact on economic costs in the production system, has resulted in 3,116,727 lost hours.

This low indicator in Mercadona, linked to productivity, contrasts with that registered in other sectors of activity, where the absenteeism rate is 5.1% in services; 5.1% in the industry; and 3.4% in construction.

Losses by illness

The absenteeism rate must be understood as the percentage of hours not worked; not counting holidays, holidays, or hours lost due to employment regulation files (which is not the case of Mercadona, as there have not been) regarding the effective agreed working day. And put to account, Mercadona says it has lost 472,069 days due to illness of its staff.

In the financial year of 2018, the distribution business group allocated 9.9 million euros to preventive measures. They have been commissionedChiron Prevention, Previs and Cualitis. And to ensure health and safety at work – which is also responsible for a large staff of business doctors – has contributed to the launch of the new model called more efficient store, which "has improved occupational health, with greater security and ergonomics "for workers.

The average duration of these casualties has been 37 days. What are the most common casualties? For the most common occupational disease has been carpal tunnel syndrome; a condition that affects the nerve in the wrist: the one that allows sensitivity and movement of the hand. And as for the most common accidents, according to the management report regarding the Mercadona group, he cites the "overexertion of the musculoskeletal system".

Retention of talent

Another indicator that closely monitors the family company in the hands of the Roig family, which carried out 249 risk assessments in the new centers and the reforms carried out in supermarkets, logistics centers and offices during 2018, is the incidence of work accidents. This rises to 19.20 accidents with loss per 1,000 workers.

Of the Mercadona human resources policy, it also stands out that in 2018 it has been recognized as the first company inTalentin the business of commercial distribution in Spain and the sixth in the rankingMerco Talent of the Spanish Monitor of Corporate Reputation (Merco). "This company, which maintains and consolidates the positions achieved in the previous year, confirms with this recognition its commitment to the recruitment and retention of talent", explains the patrimonial of Roig. Up to 667 people have been trained in leadership through its program Leading executives, of which 50 are from other countries, as a result of the process of internationalization that the business group is carrying out.

No salary gap

On the commitment to equality and diversity, the report also highlights that 64% of the workforce are women (1,795 in management positions, which account for 47% of the total). And he assures that "there is no wage gap".

On the other hand, he has createdRegulatory Compliance Committee, a body entrusted with the function of supervising the operation and compliance of the organization and management model for the prevention of criminal risks. For that, it will have an internal communication and complaint channel for clients, employees, managers, suppliers and other third parties involved.


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