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Mercadona contributes more than 1% of Catalonia's GDP and 2% of employment

Mercadona aporta más del 1% del PIB de Catalunya y el 2% del empleo

The economic impact that generates Mercadona in Catalonia It is about 2,500 million euros. A figure that translates into 1.1% of the territory's GDP, according to a study by the Universities of València (UV), Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and the Institut Valencià d'Investigacions Econòmiques (Ivie).

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But the impact of the supermarket chain does not end here: Mercadona's activity employs more than 64,000 people. This is 1.8% of the total occupation of Catalonia, as the report concludes.

More than 1,200 million euros of investment

In this way, for each euro of income (salaries, rents and benefits) that is generated in the community in the Mercadona stores, four euros are additionally generated in the Catalan economy. On the other hand, for each job five are created. All as a result of your purchases from other companies as well as from your investments that you promote.

Investments that turn 25 years old. In 1993, Mercadona opened its first store in Lleida. Since then, the network has expanded to a network of 259 supermarkets and two logistics blocks. In this way, between 2012 and 2017 the company has invested more than 1,200 million euros. An amount destined mainly to the opening of new factories and production lines.

More than 3,600 million euros in purchases

In this line, the purchases of Mercadona from Catalan suppliers or with production in Catalonia have been growing year after year. During the past year, this 'investment' amounted to 3,630 million euros.

This study has been prepared with the data for the fiscal year 2017. Not only does it include direct impacts, it is also based on the indirect and induced impacts generated by the activity of the Valencian company along the value chain.

Truck in the online store of Mercadona in Valencia

Truck in the online store of Mercadona in Valencia

In direct terms, Mercadona contributes 0.3% of Catalan GDP. About 640 million euros, which correspond mostly to the salaries of the workforce, the rents it generates and its profit. It is 25.8% of the nearly 2,500 million euros mentioned. The remaining amount is generated indirectly (53.5%, about 1,330 million) and induced (20.7%, about 515 million).

Regarding the occupation, the staff of the supermarket chain is directly formed by some 12,900 people in Catalonia, 0.4% of the jobs in the community. That is to say, 20% of the employment generated by Mercadona. Of all jobs, 63% is generated indirectly, while the remaining 17% is induced.

Trade, the most benefited sector

In any case, the most benefited sector of the Catalan economy is the services sector, which concentrates 76.6% of the income generated. Specifically, the trade keeps 42% of the total. In this way, 72.6% of employment is also generated in services (42.3% in commerce).

Another high percentage of Mercadona's jobs are in the agri-food sector, which includes both the primary sector and the agri-food industry. Exactly, we are talking about 18.2% (slightly more than 11,700 jobs).

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