November 30, 2020

MEPs demand that EU funds be allocated to Spain after the cold drop

MEPs of the PSOE, PP, Citizens and Podemos took the debate on the consequences of the cold drop to the European Chamber on Monday, where they demanded that European funds be used to compensate for the damage caused by the storm that hit the Spanish southeast in September.

Immaculate Rodríguez-Piñero (PSOE) linked this phenomenon to climate change and assured that this is the reason why what happened before every fifty years now happens annually.

"You need to act in solidarity and you need to do it with the necessary European funds," he said.

Isabel Benjumea (PP) also agreed on the need to activate the European Union Solidarity Fund, although she criticized the "passivity" of the Government of Pedro Sánchez when requesting this funding, since, he said, the Executive argues that still the damages suffered in the affected regions are being calculated.

Benjumea said that these damages are already accounted for and amounted to 560 million euros in the case of the Region of Murcia and about 190 million in the Valencian Community and Andalusia.

"We are talking about damages that have already been accounted for and about citizens who are waiting for Europe to react," he said.

After the intervention of the popular, Rodríguez-Piñero affected him to use these floods "for partisan purposes" for being in an election campaign.

"All administrations are doing their job," said the Socialist MEP.

Citizens MEP Susana Solís also called for the activation of this fund to "cope with the ravages caused by the cold drop and return hope to families who have lost their homes, to farmers and also to fishermen."

Solís emphasized the damage to more than 3,000 hectares of cultivation, with losses of more than 500 million euros, and the impact on the Mar Menor, whose environmental situation has worsened after the cold drop.

For his part, Idoia Villanueva (Podemos) charged against the PP and said that it is a formation that "has consistently collaborated in irresponsible constructions in flood areas based on the ball and corruption, areas that are currently undergoing floods."

"We need brave measures and governments that enforce a just transition, a new model that stops trading and speculates on basic resources such as water," said Villanueva, who also called for the activation of the Solidarity Fund for Spain.

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