April 20, 2021

Mendizorroza: Rebellion in the stands by football on Monday | sports

Mendizorroza: Rebellion in the stands by football on Monday | sports

The liturgy of the stands of Mendizorroza this Monday night in Alavés-Levante gave off the funerary aroma of a definitive end. First, the vacuum: the seats did not begin to fill until after five minutes of play. Then, the ceremony organized by the entertainment group Iraultza 1921, together with the Levante clubs, who had asked the fans to wear black: a coffin ran through the stands surrounding the stadium, while the public, standing, lit the lanterns of the mobiles and chanted a funeral march. The call against the league matches on Monday decreed that "football is dead", but the ceremony was more a test of life: another focus of civil rebellion against what is presented as the inevitable drift of the football industry.

LaLiga closed the 2016-2017 season with record revenue, 2,854 million euros, with which overtook the Bundesliga and he was only behind the Premier. Much of the jump comes from the increase in television money, 1,484 million, 20% more than the previous year. However, the conditions of this injection have caused thousands of fans feel expelled from the stadiums.

"The games on Monday nights are a way to laugh at a hobby, a lack of respect," complains Antonio Castilla, president of the Penas del Rayo federation. His speech is in tune with that of Víctor Sainz, representing another leg of the swollen Vallecana, the ADRV platform: "Football has to be on weekends, so that families, the elderly, can go. On a Monday the children, who have school the next day, can not go, "he says.

Vallecas has been for years one of the main centers of protest for the games scheduled on Mondays and Fridays. It has also been a foundational part of an alliance between hobbies for this cause. On January 28 they joined the protest of Iraultza that, like this Monday, kept Mendizorroza practically empty until the 5th minute. Then they expanded the chain, and last Monday, February 4, they protested jointly with the fans of Leganés They visited them that night: in the 12th minute the stands turned their back to the field and shouted: "Tebas, go now".

Mondays are also a day of complaint in Anoeta, the last one on January 15: when the animation tier took its place, the Real Sociedad had already scored two goals against Espanyol. The Donostiarra is the club that has played the most matches on Friday or Monday (47) since the opening of these slots in the 2012-2013 season.

After seven courses, the isolated protests begin to coordinate, something that in Germany, model for groups like Iraultza, happened much earlier. There, a match was scheduled for the first time on Monday, February 19 of last year. It was the Eintracht Frankfurt-Leipzig, and its start was delayed because hundreds of tennis balls from both sides rained down, which they had agreed on. After hearing his fans, Eintracht also made a gesture, although at first he had voted in favor of the schedule: the public address system rang I do not like Mondays (I do not like Mondays) by Bob Geldof. The next Monday he played Borussia Dortmund-Augsburg, and the usually packed Iduna Park displayed thousands of empty seats. Nine months later, last November, the Bundesliga announced that it suppressed the games on Mondays from the 2020-2021 academic year.

Alaves Levante

"In Germany, hobbies have a voice and vote," laments Raúl Corralejo, representative of Iraultza; "Here we have asked to meet someone from LaLiga and nobody welcomes us. Do not we have rights? " With whom they have had conversations is with the board of Alavés, with which they maintain a fluid relationship: "The club is with the fans, but is with the money. He says they do not have the strength, that they are neither Madrid nor Barça. We ask them to get wet, but they say they can not get wet, that the protester already knows what is there, "he laments. The Lightning does not wrap much of its supporters either: "We do not give our opinion. We just organize the matches in the schedules they give us, "they say from the offices.

Guerra Tebas-Rubiales

Meanwhile, there are two open, more institutionalized routes that seek to suppress Mondays. One is run by Aficiones Unidas, the organization that brings together 39 federations of clubs of First, Second and Second B, whose president, José Manuel Mateos, began the negotiations: "At the beginning of last season we proposed to remove LaLiga on Monday, which we think a very bad day They said that they would study it and that there were possibilities, but we have not received an answer. And it is also true that there are clubs that have asked on Mondays, and those who have played more casually are those who have done works in their stadiums, such as Athletic and Betis. " For these parties receive an extra financial compensation from LaLiga.

The other way was launched last September by the president of the federation, Luis Rubiales, another section of his war with Tebas: "We do not like Monday things," he said. Removing them is one of the claims that leads to the negotiations of the new agreement with LaLiga. The process is stalled, but from the offices of Thebes, president of the employers, do not rule out ending on Mondays, but not before the next season. Of course, they warn that it would be necessary to open a new strip, which could be on Sundays at 2:00 p.m., in order to comply with what was offered to the televisions: schedules that do not overlap.

"We are not asking for a madness, but something normal, to be played on Saturday and Sunday," says Corralejo, who announces growing intensity in the protests in Mendizorroza. "At the moment, we are holding back the older ones, who want to empty the field. But in the last meeting some already said: if we go down to Second, better. Better schedules, better prices. What I want is to see my team, I do not care where. Now you come to spend two hours and run. Soccer is not that. "

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