June 23, 2021

Mendia asks the voters of Pedro Sánchez to support the PSE project

The candidate of the PSE-EE to lehendakari, Idoia Mendia, has called on Sunday all Basque citizens who voted for Pedro Sánchez in the general elections that also support the project of the Socialists in the regional elections of April 5 to get a Government “That believes in diversity and offers stability.”

“That is our proposal, the one led by Pedro Sánchez and the one we defend here. We call to join all those who believe in an Euskadi of equals who do not want to be anchored in the nostalgia of the nineteenth century, but who want their own modern Euskadi of the 21st century, “Mendia said in Vitoria during the closing of a working day for public offices in Álava.

The socialist candidate has assured that on April 5 plurality is at stake, a Basque Government focused on the needs of people, in those over 45 years without employment, in young people seeking to emancipate themselves and in women who are still looking for full equality


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