March 5, 2021

Men spend almost twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day



There is no virus that can against love and in 2021 lovers They have come together again to celebrate this February 14 valentine’s day. Also with more desire than other years if possible, or so at least it will be reflected in the expense. Because the Spanish will spend until the end of this day an average of 55 euros to celebrate it, 24 euros more than in 2020. To highlight, the difference in spending between men and women. Thus, men will allocate 62 euros to gifts, 44% more than women who will spend 43.

This is revealed in the report “Waiting for Valentine’s Day” by Bnext, in which to prepare this calculation they have compared the consumption and spending habits of its more than 400,000 users in Spain on the same dates last year and a behavior model has been estimated based on data on the consumption of its users collected in the last year.

The document also highlights the differences in spending by age ranges. Thus, young people between 30 and 39 will be the most romantic and they will spend up to 16.3% more than couples between 20 and 29 years old when celebrating Valentine’s Day. While the average expenditure of the former will be around € 64, that of the latter will only be € 54. On the contrary, those who will spend the least will be couples under 20 years of age (€ 39 on average), followed by those between 60 and 69 (€ 48).

By communities, Madrid Y Catalonia they will be the ones who invest the most on this day. In this way, the Spanish capital will represent 18% of total Spanish spending, one point more than the Catalan region (17%). Complete the podium Andalusia with 15%, who together with Madrid opt more for fashion items as gifts on these dates. For their part, the Catalans do it for electronics.

On the opposite side, The Rioja (0.63% of total expenditure in Spain), Navarre (0.66%) and Cantabria (0.91%) will be the communities that spend the least to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In all three communities, gifts of fashion items predominate.

Online on the rise

A few weeks after one year of confinement in Spain, the online shopping continues to rise. While on Valentine’s Day 2020, and shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic in the country, 74% of purchases were made in physical establishments and only 25% through online stores, this year, online purchases increased until they were made with the 41% of total transactions estimated for the same dates in 2021.

When analyzing the data by gender, it follows that women are the most reluctant to digitize and they continue to prefer purchases in physical stores (69%). Despite the pandemic, they will only reduce face-to-face purchases by 14%, while men will reduce their visits to physical stores by 23% to make half of their purchases over the Internet.

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