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Outside, it snows nonstop. But, inside the bar, it is also freezing cold. At the bar, a doctor rushes the nth cup of more. Again. Around him, hardly anyone speaks. A cold melancholy reigns. And, suddenly, a man breaks the silence: "Isn't it fantastic anyway?" He doesn't get an answer, so he throws his question again. Finally, someone answers: "What?" He is very clear: "Everything."

The title suggests that the new Swedish film Roy Andersson, in competition at La Mostra de Venecia, speaks Over the infinite But, in reality, the filmmaker once again hangs a gallery of paintings on the screen that portray the wonderful absurdity of the human being. The camera is still, as in A dove perched on a branch and reflected on the existence. And, before her, life parades: sad, happy, bored, resigned, serene or frustrated individuals. For irrelevant or crazy reasons, maybe. But important, at least for them.

A priest asks for medical help because he doubts the existence of God. Envy corrodes a man since he met a former classmate and he did not greet him; On top of that, he discovered that the damn Sverker Olsson has a PhD. A delegated administrator looks out the window, but is unable to feel anything. A defeated mustache dictator assumes, from his bunker, that it's over. Andersson gathers his strangers tableaux vivants to paint a surreal fresco, but familiar to everyone: it is the daily tragicomedy. We are.

“Human vulnerability is a gift. Life is richer when you understand and see how others behave, ”Andersson defended before the press. And his team of producers and actors stressed the detailed work of the director and the long time he takes to make a film. The filmmaker also confessed that he avoids the shadows in his staging, "so that there is no place to hide." "I admire a lot Bicycle thieves, a sad but very beautiful film. And why is it? Because it is authentic. We should all always be. The best works of art are those that bring compassion and sincerity, ”added Andersson.

Of course, the formula of the film is so similar to its previous films that ends up getting tired before. Regarding the work that earned him the Golden Lion in 2014 - he is the only director of the contest that already won it - the only novelty is the reflections of a voice in off. Characters, situations and some themes change, but the feeling is to attend the same length for a long time. With his previous work, the director said he had closed a trilogy. After Over the infinite, It is legitimate to suspect that it was another of his jokes.

Abuse and harassment, on the other hand, are tremendously serious matters. And they are also part of the human being and its oddities. But, to talk about issues as delicate as thorny, you need a special touch. More, in these times. A subtle and sensitive brush, handled with mastery. No, of course, the fat brush under which Atom Egoyan bury your thriller. The same for which the sanitary inspector who stars in the film seeks dirt only in foreign restaurants in his city. It's mysterious how Guest of Honor I have entered the festival contest, a question that also pursued the previous two films of the filmmaker, premiered in Cannes and Venice. Then, it was said that he had lost the path of Exotic, The Sweet Future or Ararat. Apparently in the Mostra, Egoyan remains disoriented. And disorienting.

And that he confessed that he had "a particular passion for this script." The story focuses on the relationship between a father and a daughter, imprisoned for an abuse of power and sexuality to a student who never really committed. Although the writing seems more pending to accumulate turns than to deepen its premise. So much that it loses all credibility. In an allegedly solemn sequence, the girl discovers a secret and cries. However, some spectators laughed. Okay, the human being can be very absurd. But the scripts too.

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