Men also receive the maternity supplement: how to claim it


Those who have a recognized pension after February 3, 2021 can request it

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parents of at least two children and with a contributory pension after February 3, 2021 can claim the
maternity supplement in your pensionthus equating the same right to fathers and mothers under identical conditions.

A Supreme Court ruling offers access to men and retroactively to men to this supplement, which originally was only intended for mothers and that can increase their
pension between 5 and 10% depending on the number of children they have.

Who can claim it?


  • You are the parent of two or more children.

  • Between January 1, 2016 and February 3, 2021, you received a Social Security contributory pension of one of these types: ordinary retirement, early retirement for reasons not attributable to the worker, widowhood or permanent disability.

How to claim it?


  1. one

    Write a request for the complement of the pension that you have recognized.

  2. two

    Gather the following documentation: the resolution recognizing your pension, the DNI and the family book or, if you do not have it, the birth certificate of your children.

  3. 3

    Proceed to the presentation at the National Institute of Social Security (INSS)

  4. 4

    A lawyer is not necessary, although it is highly recommended

  5. 5

    And, finally, if your previous claim is dismissed, you must file a lawsuit against the INSS in a
    social court for his unjustified behavior.

How much is the add-on?

Depending on the number of children

  • If there are two children, 5%.

  • If there are three children, 10%.

  • If there are four children or more, 15%.

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