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This is probably the most atypical Holy Thursday in recent years, and even decades. And not only because citizens are confined inside their homes, but also because, strange as it may seem, the temperature accompanies and there is no rain in sight, unlike in recent years.

"Until May forty do not take off your dress." But this Easter week you will not need the skirt or the umbrella, rather the swimsuit and the sunglasses, at least, to go up to the roof or go out on the balcony.

This year celebrations and liturgies can be followed from the sofa, accompanied by television, radio and other telematic means. Given the current health crisis, all liturgical celebrations will take place without the presence of the faithful, as reported by the Vatican in his web page.

If there is something these traditional festivals have, beyond the object of worship, it is the fact of meeting and sharing. For this reason, The Province has wanted to gather the most emblematic and multitudinous moments of past celebrations.

Easter and journalism

Antonio Cacereño, director of La Provincia / DLP gave the starting gun last year to the program of festive events with the reading of the proclamation in the Cathedral of Santa Ana.

The peak of La Burrita in San Telmo Park

Thousands of people gathered last year in the park of San Telmo with olive leaves and palms in their hands to celebrate the traditional procession of La Burrita, which gives way to the succession of religious processions that have always been held in the city.

This procession has been held since the 1960s accompanying the carving of 'The Lord in La Burrita', originating in 1897.

Bad weather drives away tourists from Las Canteras

Easter warning of the wind and the strong waves that surprised many tourists wanting to take a bath on the capital's beach. Finally they had to pick up the bartulos and put on a cardigan, because although it did not get to rain seriously, the continuous spark sparkled on the first day of the Easter week.

Foot washing at the Lord's Supper

Bishop Francisco Cases officiated the religious ceremony of Holy Thursday in the Cathedral of Santa Ana. Liturgy that included the washing of the feet of a group of faithful by the bishop.

The passion in recycled miniature

Alexis Jiménez showed La Provincia the steps it recreates with recycled materials on a small scale. This was in 2016.


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