July 26, 2021

Memorable night of Serrat in Buenos Aires | Culture

Memorable night of Serrat in Buenos Aires | Culture

Joan Manuel Serrat performs during his concert at the Gran Rex theater in Buenos Aires.

Joan Manuel Serrat always sweeps in Buenos Aires. And its success, with the passing of the years, becomes more emotional: it is a peculiar ceremony between the artist and the public. If the concert on Friday had a critical moment, it was that Serrat, while singing Except your belly, He made a rooster and coughed. The throats of the 3,200 people who packed the Gran Rex theater were shrieked in an almost stadium choir ("Na-no", "Na-no") to say it did not matter, that this point of fragility made it even better, that the night was magical.

Serrat's Spanish performances were interrupted in July due to health issues. He had to cancel a concert in Tucumán on October 12 due to laryngeal problems. At last he acted in Rosario and on Friday he showed up in Buenos Aires. It had to be nine evenings. They had to be extended to eleven by adding the dates of November 13 and 14, because all the paper was sold. The queue to enter the theater seemed infinite and, in fact, the start of the show was delayed almost half an hour so that the public had time to settle.

Nano I brought the show Mediterráneo da capo, a recovery of his most famous album. Mediterranean It was published in 1971, 47 years ago. Serrat explained that the logical thing would have been to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the work, but that, at 74, he was no longer waiting. "I am aware of the fragility of life," he said.

It was the ten songs of Mediterranean and many others. With a repertoire as abundant in successes as that of Joan Manuel Serrat and with such a competent group, directed, as always, by the pianist Ricard Miralles, the problem is in choosing. After two hours of concert, the audience, who shouted with a feminine voice (middle-aged women predominated), did not accept that it was over. There was a Bis, and other Bis, and a third Bis what with Party, It ended a memorable night.


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