Membership exceeds 19 million people for the first time since 2007

Membership exceeds 19 million people for the first time since 2007


The Average affiliation to Social Security has added 19,024,165 employees in December, exceeding 19 million for the first time since 2007. Specifically, it is the best year-end of the historical series, with the exception mentioned when the figure of 19,372,777 members was reached. On the other hand, registered unemployment in the offices of the Public Employment Services has closed the year at its best levels of the last nine years and lowered in 210,484 people during this year, with a year-on-year reduction rate of 6.17%.

In this way, the total number of unemployed has been located in 3,202,297. Specifically, the number of unemployed has been reduced in December by 50,570 people compared to the previous month, 1.55%. If we analyze by sex, male unemployment stood at 1,337,244 people, down by 5,697 (-0.42%) and the feminine one in 1.865.053, when being reduced in 44.873 (-2.35%) in relation to the month of November. If we compare it with December 2017, male unemployment falls by 122,482 (-8.39%) people, and female unemployment decreases by 88,002 (-4.51%).

Record in indefinite hiring

Monthly evolution of the number of unemployed
Monthly evolution of the number of unemployed – ABC

With regard to hiring, the year 2018 has witnessed 2,284,924 undefined contracts, 355,674 more than the previous year. The highest figure in the entire historical series and represents an increase of 18.44% with respect to the total for 2017.

The total number of contracts registered during the month of December was 1,709,631 and represents the largest number of the historical series in the last month of the year. Of these, 144,778 were undefined contracts and 1,564,853 temporary contracts.

Regarding indefinite contracts, andn December there was an increase of 13,711 (10.46%) about the same month of the previous year, while the temporary ones have increased 2.89%. Indefinite hirings represent 8.47% of all contracts this month. Total, the cumulative contracting in the set of 2018 has reached the figure of 22,291,681 contracts.

Fall of unemployment among young people

On the other hand, the unemployment of those under 25 years of age has fallen in December at 17,378 people (-6.57%) in relation to the previous month. In interannual terms, it has fallen by 21,194 people, at a rate of 7.9% (1.73 points above the overall reduction rate). Among those aged 25 and over, unemployment has fallen by 33,192 (-1.11 %).

Andalusia, Madrid and Valencia, more employment

Registered unemployment has decreased in 14 autonomous communities, highlighting Andalucía (-22,306), Madrid (-6,578), Comunidad Valenciana (-4,433). Unemployment, however, has grown in Cantabria (718) and La Rioja (172).

Agriculture and Services create employment

If we look at the economic sector where the creation of jobs has stood out, andRegistered unemployment has been reduced in Agriculture by 10,392 (-6.97%), in Services, where it drops 43,874 (-1.93%), and in the group without previous employment it is reduced by 10,269 (-3.66%). But nevertheless, This has increased in other sectors such as the Industry in 3,967 people (1,42%), and in Construction in 9,998 (3,74%).


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