June 13, 2021

Melyssa, evacuated from ‘Survivors 2021’ due to a health problem: “I can’t stand up”

Melyssa Pinto in 'No man's land'.

Melyssa Pinto in ‘No man’s land’.

Melyssa is not going through her best days in her participation in ‘Survivors 2021 ‘. The former participant of ‘MYHYV’ and ‘The island of temptations 2’ had to being evacuated by the medical services after you had pain in the abdomen and general discomfort: “Even the water makes me want to vomit, this can’t be happening to me. I can’t stand up.”

To reassure fans of the influencer and reality show, Sobera connected live with Melyssa, who explained that her health had not improved since her arrival at the Presidential Cabin: “I had a bad night. I tried to eat some rice, but I have a closed stomach. Everything that my body expels I am not recovering well “.

Moments after your intervention, Carlos Sobera read the medical part of Melyssa, who suffers “a picture of acute gastroenteritis “. “To prevent you from becoming dehydrated, they will observe your evolution to see how you respond to medical treatment. You must stay under observation for at least one night with a strict diet of fish and rice to be able to take your medication,” the presenter told the influencer.

Gianmarco is saved from expulsion

In addition, among other content, the last gala of ‘Survivors No Man’s Land’ also resulted in the salvation of Gianmarco. The winner of ‘Discount time’ escaped expulsion next Thursday after being the most supported nominee so far.

In this way, Valeria, Lara Sajen and Sylvia Pantoja they continue in the list of the nominees. Next Thursday, one of the three will have to leave the palapa and face an express televote against Lola and Palito Dominguín to continue in Playa Destierro.


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