Mel: "Whoever does not put his leg in the UD, does not play with me"


Mel: "Whoever does not put his leg in the UD, does not play with me"

You see a yellow one every 34 minutes. A scenario that José Mel Pérez does not metabolize. The novelist insists that his establishment "is not violent" and questions the arbitration criteria of the five days. However, he asks for the maximum intensity: "He who does not put his leg in, does not play with me", asserts the Madrid native.

“I stuck to the Málaga game [en relación a su crítica de las tres rojas en tres salidas]I am not going to assess the referees because it is not my role. Everything you say is worthless, only to harm. You see us play and I don't know if we deserve so many red cards. I honestly doubt it. We are a young, intense team that puts their leg in and whoever doesn't do that with me doesn't play. I prefer yellow cards to give a feeling of placidity ”.

He insists on his thesis that this UD with a high explosive charge, speed and heart, conforms to the regulations. ”No one will tell me that we are not intense. If you look at the games we have played, I think the team does more football than other things. We will try to improve in that, as in so many things that we lack ”.

With five games on the horizon in just 14 days, Mel announces rotations. Logic rules. “It is clear that you have to distribute efforts, that's what the large templates are for. There will be time for everyone ”. He questions the application of the fear clause by Almería in the case of Jonathan Silva - granted to the yellow club.

“I think that, in the end, the player is the one who gives it to you. It's stupid. Last year we went to Albacete and Maikel Mesa played against us. In the end, the footballer belongs to a club and the more he plays and the more he shows himself, the better for that entity and the better for the footballer, but this is so, we have not invented it. It already existed. It is one that you have fresh for what comes next ”.

The wild card of the lawn

In the telematic comparison, and before the fact of playing two games in just five days -the UD-Castellón is played on Wednesday-, Mel was diplomatic about the controversy of the state of the grass of the Siete Palmas enclosure.

“The field could only get better. We have trained on Friday and he is better. If you hold these two games; we will see. In the last two home games [ante Fuenlabrada y Logroñés] we have been fined for this matter. It not only hurts us because our team is designed to play soccer, but it also costs us money. We recognize the effort of the company [Tecbinor] to try to improve things. You have to give them a vote of confidence and nothing more ”.

After stumbling against Fuenlabrada (3-3), Mel portrayed in a very explicit way the state of the playing surface and the Barranco Seco sports city. "It's a fucking disaster." Santiago Sosa, head of the gardening firm, replied. “If he had won, there would be no talk of the grass.” In the last home match, UD beat Logroñés (2-1) and the 'green' controversy remained in the background.

2019 experience: 0-3

Mel distrusts the qualifying situation of Almería. It warns of its economic potential. “It is a good team, formed to be promoted directly. If you look at the footballers he has one by one, plus those he already had last year, you think he should be at the top and fight for the first three places. It is also true that against Sporting his result was misleading [derrota por la mínima]. I wait for the best Almeria, which comes with a cast of players contrasted in Second and First and that will make it very difficult. Last year this same game was 0-3, with this everything is said ”.

Conversation with the president

Before the opening of oral proceedings against the president of the UD, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, for an alleged fraud that the Social Security and the Treasury estimate at 37 million - related to the management of the company Seguridad Integral Canaria-, Mel revealed a conversation with the president.

“I had a relaxed dialogue so that we are all clear about what is going to happen. I have seen him very calm and believes in Justice. He understands the media hype and the headlines are eye-catching; everything will be fine. It goes to show that you have done nothing. For this reason, I dedicate myself to what I do, what matters to UD happens on the field and that is football ”.


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