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Megan Rapinoe, soccer player and political leader | sports

Foot of Photo: Rapinoe, in the celebrations in New York.
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Megan Rapinoe has revolutionized the world of politics in the United States. You just had to get in among the nearly 300,000 people who took to the streets in New York to celebrate the triumph at the World Cup in France to prove it. The followers of the cocapitana of the team showed banners to the passage of their float asking him to present himself as president in the elections of 2020.

"I'm sorry," he said during the ceremony in which he received the keys to the city with his companions, "I'm busy." Her message, however, is resounding strongly among young people like Charlotte, gay like her, who celebrate their energetic speech against social injustice and, especially, against Donald Trump.. "Your message excludes people who look like me," he said in an interview to the president.

Rapinoe insists that there is no better place than his football team. But even if he listened to the voices of his fans and decided to enter the presidential race, he could win Trump. A poll by Public Policy Polling gives 42% support from the US electorate, one point more than the Republican. The analysts also point out that "it has a lot of room to grow".

The star of the selection highlighted the work of the team as "platform" to take their fight against gender inequality outside the football field. "This group is strong and resilient," he said, "we have pink and purple hair, tattoos and dreadlocks, white and black girls and all the diversity in between, we have straight and gay girls."

It is true that Rapinoe can become as divisive as Trump, but his message in defense of diversity is reinforced by the call he makes to unity. "Love more and hate less," he asked the audience that followed the parade, "it is everyone's responsibility to make this world a better place." The language clashes frontally with that of the current tenant of the White House.

Rapinoe's crusade against Trump began last month, when he said he would not go to the White House if they won the World Cup. "I will not go," he repeated as soon as he returned to the United States, "and the other team members I spoke with will not go either. It does not make sense. It's a kind of opportunity for this administration. " During the national anthem he was silent and with his hands behind him.

It was the second time that the women's soccer team paraded through the famous Heroes' Canyon. Among the skyscrapers that populate the financial district in Manhattan were made by General Dwight Eisenhower to lead the Allied Forces, Charles Lindberg after crossing solo the Atlantic by plane, Nelson Mandela and several times the Yankees, the Mets and the Giants when they won their leagues .

"On and off the field," said Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, "this team represents the best of New York and our country. The confidence, courage and perseverance of this selection serves as an inspiration for all, "added the also presidential candidate, who got on one of the floats.

The women's soccer team was the star at the ESPYS gala in Los Angeles. There Megan Rapinoe accepted on behalf of the team the invitation to go soon to the Congress to celebrate the victory. At the moment there is no evidence that there is an invitation from the White House.

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