Meeting of the Satocan Júnguel Sanjuán Foundation and the beneficiary entities of its VI Call for Grants

Meeting VI call.

The Satocan Foundation resolved its VI Call for Social Aid

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Last February, the Satocan Foundation held the annual meeting that, on the occasion of the resolution of its VI Call for Grants for Social Action Projects, is being held together with all the beneficiary entities of the same.

Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, for the second consecutive year, the online format took over to hold a virtual meeting.

"Despite being in an online format, the meeting managed to convey the passion, concern and involvement that demonstrate and characterize the work of each of the beneficiary entities," commented Marta Sanjuán of the Satocan Foundation Board of Trustees.

The meeting that began with the welcome and thanks to all the participants by the President of the Satocan Foundation, Juan Miguel Sanjuán Jover, was also attended by the entire Board of Trustees formed by the Sanjuán Artiles family and Mapi Arencibia, manager of the Satocan Foundation.

Likewise, representatives of the 26 beneficiary entities participated in the meeting, which throughout this year 2022 through the projects presented, will launch social initiatives that ensure the well-being of minors and young people in vulnerable situations. These projects of Associations of Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Palma, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, will have a global aid of 180,000 euros, a figure with which the final endowment of this VI Call has been approved.

All the beneficiary entities, in this first contact, shared the content of their projects and the work they carry out. They explained one by one each of the challenges they face and how they manage to improve the reality of many children and young people based on enthusiasm, a lot of dedication and creativity. The passion for their work and involvement was evident in the course of each of the interventions.

"The collaboration of the Satocan Foundation goes beyond an economic issue", this is how some associations valued it; in that it also provides emotional support, making you part of the Satocan Foundation "family" through its trust, closeness and sensitivity.

«Feeling part of the projects through the commitment we acquire and the implication with which we live them; It is our philosophy”, Mapi Arencibia commented to the effect.

This Satocan Foundation event has established itself as an enriching experience because it brings together associations from all the islands with very different projects. The objective is that they can exchange their approaches and ideas, sometimes achieving synergies between them. The participants positively valued the experience and being able to have this type of meeting to share and learn about other resources and social initiatives.

The Satocan Foundation continues to support equal opportunities by supporting entities that offer minors with autism, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities and special educational needs, among others, professional and human resources to improve their personal autonomy and/or complement their care educational. Socio-educational projects of prevention, integration and social revitalization that work with children and youth in environments of high social risk that promote education in values, school reinforcement, emotional management and the acquisition of habits have also had a place in this VI Call. healthy. All of them with the same common goal of contributing to their full personal development and favoring their social and educational integration.

All the beneficiaries greatly appreciated the help granted by the Satocan Foundation, for the opportunity offered to them and for what this support, not only financial, means for their work. Almost all attendees highlighted the consolidation of the Grants project, as well as the involvement and closeness that the Satocan Foundation shows for each of the projects.

The Satocan Foundation thanked all the participants for the important work they carry out. And that this also positively affects society in general because they are a benchmark and inspire values ​​of solidarity and dedication to the most vulnerable.

Beneficiary entities

The beneficiary entities on this occasion have been: Fundación Canaria Main, Apnalp, Mojo de Caña, Jaslem, Down Libre 21, Down Las Palmas, Crezando Yaiza, Fundación Forja, Aldeas Infantiles, CV San Roque, Fundación Farrah, Up2u Project, Ampa A Millares Carló, Fundación Anar, AECC, La Vida es Zuaina, Asociación Te Acompañamos, Felices Con Noses, Play and Train, Ampa Ceip Salvador Manrique de Lara, Mamas en Acción, Aspercan, Apaelp, Ampa Rosa de Los Vientos, Actrade and Asociación Pandora.

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