August 8, 2020

Meeting of former students of the Dominicans – The Province

A group of former students of the San José Reverendas Mothers Dominicas de Las Palmas school, from various promotions of the sixties, he met at the restaurant Second Dock. An encounter that, as every year by these dates, is lived in the atmosphere of Christmas. This group of alumni has been holding this annual meeting for more than a decade. They recall other times, increasingly distant, and catch up on the news in their lives. On this last date everyone remembered with love and fun their days of mischief between the walls of the center of General Bravo Street. Many, who did not live in the capital of Gran Canaria, were interns in school, and related more of that collegial life. In addition to the shared table they also maintain the tradition of the Mass, celebrated in the chapel of the school to remember all the deceased companions, family and Dominican religious.


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