Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Meet the winner of the final of 'La Voz'

Final de ‘La Voz’: A la espera de conocer el nombre del ganador

The voice comes to the great final of its first edition in Antenna 3 and he does it with four talents with many options. Eva González will present the last live gala in which Antonio Orozco, Pablo Lopez, Luis Fonsi and Paulina Rubio can help in the last performances of their pupils. At the end of the night we will meet the first winner of the new stage of the contest in 2019.

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Javier Moya, María Espinosa, Ángel Cortés and Andrés Martín are the contestants who have reached the final of the contest and play a record as a prize. Luckily for them, the coaches They will not have the pressure that in previous galas. The final decision will be made by the public through their votes with phone calls and text messages.

The voice

The voice

But those of the talents they will not be the only performances that we will see in the final of La Voz on Antena 3. Alejandro Sanz, Sebastián Yatra, Juanes, Melendi and Manuel Carrasco will take the stage to the delight of the spectators. In addition, the guests will also share a song the finalists. Javier Moya, Andrés Martín, María Espinosa and Ángel Cortés will fight for the victory.

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