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Meet the four finalists of the grand final

‘La Voz’: Conoce a los cuatro finalistas de la gran final

The great semifinal of The voice has reached Antenna 3 full of talent. There is only one week left to finish the musical contest and, tonight, the spectators have been in charge of selecting the four contestant who will face next Wednesday's grand final. Antonio Orozco, Luis Fonsi, Paulina Rubio and Pablo López, the four of them coaches of the format, they have returned to their positions but the value of their scores has been much lower than that of the audience.

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We remind that each member of the jury has started the night with two contestants in each formation but they have finished with only one finalist who will face the final gala of The voice of Antenta 3. Tears, emotion, surprises ...

Meet the four finalists of The voice of Antenna 3!

'La Voz': Pablo López embraces his two semifinalists after joint action

'La Voz': Pablo López embraces his two semifinalists after joint action

Ángel Cortés, tenor and finalist of Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio has been the first protagonist of the semifinal of The voice of Antenna 3. The coach He has witnessed the performance of his two participants before going on stage to be able to perform one of his songs with them. We remember that Viqui and Ángel Cortés were the two semifinalists of the Mexican who have faced again the verdict of the spectators to know who got a place for the grand final.

Definitely, two participants very different from each other. On the one hand, soul and power of Viqui. On the other, Ángel's lyrical voice, only tenor of the edition. Paulina Rubio has decided to give 60% of her score to Viqui ... However, the spectators had it clear. Ángel Cortés becomes the first finalist of La Voz! !! Congratulations!!

Javi Moya gets a place for the grand final

Antonio Orozco It has been the following coach meet your finalist for the grand finale of The voice of Antenna 3. The Catalan artist has received his two contestants with open arms: Javi Moya and Marcelino. Undoubtedly, two very talented participants have once again demonstrated that they deserved to be in the semi-final of the musical contest. Two very different interpretations that have made things very difficult coach and to the spectators.

Javi Moya has again thrilled the spectators and that has made him become the great finalist of the team of Antonio Orozco. But nevertheless, Marcelino has received an even better prize. And, Antonio and Pablo López have promised to take care of record your first record so that it begins with his musical career. Good news for both contestants but, next Wednesday, we will see Javi Moya on stage.

Andrés Martín, from Madrid's metro to the grand final

Pablo López He has been the next coach to meet his finalist. Undoubtedly, the artist from Malaga has witnessed one of the most intense matches of the evening and that his two participants are worth gold. Andrés Martín and Auba have shone again on the stage of The voice of Antenna 3 and they have given us two spectacular interpretations.

Again, Ángel has made us feel things with his passion when it comes to singing. As always, accompanied by his guitar. Auba has thrilled us with her voice and with the message she sent at the end of the performance: "I wanted to dedicate this song to my father who left on Wednesday". Finally, the spectators have opted for Andrés Martín What happens from singing in the Madrid subway to being a finalist of the musical contest.

María Espinosa, sole female finalist of 'La Voz'

Finally, Luis Fonsi has become the protagonist of the semifinal of The voice of Antenna 3. The artist has also received his two semifinalists to listen to their performances and then meet who became their finalist for the big final next Wednesday. Lina and María Espinosa, the semifinalist youngest of the evening and the only contestant with Flamenco features in his voice.

It seems that the public has been very clear from the beginning. And it is that, María Espinosa has become the finalist of Luis Fonsi with a percentage of votes much higher than his partner. In this way, the participant becomes the only woman of the expected final of The voice of Antenna 3.


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