Medina maintains the bicefalia of the CAAM and denies that there is an organizational chaos – La Provincia

The Minister of Culture of Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Guacimara Medina, was in favor yesterday of maintaining the current organic and functional structure of the Atlantic Center of Modern Art, with a manager and an artistic director, while denying that this two-headed model has resulted in an organizational chaos, as revealed in an external audit conducted in September 2017.

According to Medina, regarding “the bicefalia to which the news refers [publicada por LA PROVINCIA/DLP el pasado 7 de enero], I understand that the functions are clear and that each one has their own competences in the performance of the work. “It refers to the roles that manager Leticia Martín, and the artistic director have been playing. Orlando Britto, who accessed the position in February 2016.

The aforementioned audit makes it clear that the museum center of Vegueta It requires a director to assume the managerial and artistic areas, since the current model results in the “lack of true leadership”. This situation, always as detailed in the report, has generated personal and professional conflicts since the resignation of the previous director, Omar Pascual Castillo, who was in office between 2010 and 2015.

The counselor maintains that “there are no frictions” between the manager and the director artistic, not even with workers. “Today I see social peace in the CAAM; if any contrary opinion is discussed and discussed, and nothing else,” he says. “There will be maybe one sensitivity than another and some issues that need to be addressed,” he said. The counselor confirmed yesterday that “I knew the document,” while showing her surprise because “no one had warned me of anything.”

“Complete trust”

Guacimara Medina reiterated his “full confidence in the management team” at the head of the CAAM. After the audit was made public, he held a meeting with the manager and artistic director to press his opinion. “So far I have no arguments to the contrary, and I repeat that if something needs to be corrected it will be corrected, and in this I have asked you to give me a choice, and see how we can do it.” The counselor plans to meet with all CAAM staff to learn about the situation of the center following the audit. “I told them to look for the right formula so that we could talk and that everyone could express themselves, in case there was something to fix,” Medina said.

In his opinion, the CAAM urgently needs to “identify the possible weaknesses, if any, within the organization, functions and tasks of each department and employee, and make the adjustments that we technically and politically consider to be done. A priori , make a diagnosis that is not made, which puts us on notice, but I do not share with this document the qualification of organizational chaos. ”

In his opinion, “we must address if there can be any kind of mismatches or dysfunctions, and identify them, but I think they exceed the assessment given to the center, but we must emphasize it and it is the instrument that I am going to use, and not because I got this audit, but because I already had it in my head, “says the counselor.

For now, the Minister of Culture ruled out yesterday that she intended to conduct another audit in the medium term of the management and operation of the CAAM other than 2017, written by Eva Moraga for the firm Por & Para. As Guacimara Medina advanced, “I am not going to commission another audit, I prefer in any case that we see all the faces and be able to speak, and I hope that the direction of the CAAM at the moment, both artistic and technical, will give me the solution, that I’ve asked her. “


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