Medina and Palencia host the second day of the Regional Adapted Swimming League – Adapted Sport CyL

  • The Medina heated pool will receive this Saturday, January 21, the clubs and swimmers from the southern sector, while Palencia will do the same with the northern sector on Sunday in Campos Góticos

  • The regional competition has more than a hundred participants, including the Paralympics Luis Huerta and Marta Fernández

Swimmers about to play their series. FEDEACYL

The eighth edition of the Castilla y León Adapted Swimming League begins its second day this weekend in Medina del Campo and Palencia.

The regional competition of the Federation of Adapted Sports of Castilla y León (Fedeacyl), divided into two venues according to geographical criteria, will live its second day at the Heated Municipal Pool of Medina del Campo, from 3:00 p.m. on Saturday 21 January, with many of the best specialists in this discipline in the community. The Zamorano clubs of Seña Bermeja, Virgen de la Vega and Duero Zamora will accompany the Valladolid clubs of CD Fusion, Asprona Valladolid and Once Castilla y León and Apadefim from Segovia.

For its part, in Palencia, and from 10:00 am on Sunday, January 22, ten other clubs will participate, among which the local CD San ​​Cebrián, CD Mundo Azul and CN Palencia stand out.

In the capital of Palencia, the Burgos from CD Puentesaúco, CD Sonrisas, CD Estela and CD Las Calzadas will also participate. Together with them, Impulso Global, from Soria; and the Leonese from CD Toba and CN Venatoria.

The competition features renowned swimmers, such as the Paralympians Luis Huerta and Marta Fernández, internationals with the Spanish team and standard bearer of the Paralympic team in the case of the Burgos.

In addition, the regional competition will serve to see the new incorporations of the Río Esgueva Technification Center and the progress of the athletes of the new Adapted Swimming Schools of Palencia and Salamanca, who join the long journey of the one in Valladolid.

The Castilla y León Adapted Swimming League is divided into two days and a third that meets its final condition for all those swimmers who qualify for it in the previous tests.

The final will take place on February 18 at the Río Esgueva pool in Valladolid. In it, the best of the two previous days will be, in a competition in which the level rises season after season.

The Castilla y León Adapted Sports Federation values ​​this championship by uniting athletes with different disabilities in the same competition, who swim together and who are classified based on these. “It is an example of competition both at a regional and national level and we are very proud of the level it has reached. Only by promoting events of this type will we achieve excellence”, says the Secretary General of Adapted Sports Castilla y León, David Fernández.