January 18, 2021

Medical unions stop 15 minutes to ask for more MIR places and recover half extra pay | Society

Medical unions stop 15 minutes to ask for more MIR places and recover half extra pay | Society

Doctors from health centers and hospitals throughout Spain have stopped this morning 15 minutes in protest at the situation of the sector, with a high precariousness (less than half of the doctors in public health has a place in property), claim the extra average pay that they stopped charging in 2010 with the first Government cuts by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (PSOE), ask for more MIR places for specialist training, that retirement is flexible and can be delayed at 70 years and claim entrenched aspects for years, such as increasing the variable part of their salary based on their results, facilitate mobility and career development (a common system of promotions that recognizes the merits and the antiquity), in the words of Tomás Toranzo, president of the State Confederation of Medical Trade Unions (CESM), which is the organization that has promoted the mobilization.

Apart from these common aspects, the manifestation also more sectoral reasons (the situation of Primary Care) and regional, because in each community have added their own aspects.

"This protest, which is being followed by what is coming to me, is testimonial, continuation of last year's and anticipation of the demonstration that we convened in March, "said Toranzo, who also adds that when they mobilized a year ago the PP governed and the PSOE received them in Congress and offered their full support," but now they have forgotten "

Sources of the Ministry of Health deny the latter and affirm that they have already met with the CESM. "We are reactivating competencies that were abandoned," they add. For example, they cite the plan that is being developed for primary care or that they have met with the communities to increase the teaching units (those that train the MIRs). "We already have more than 660 new places for next year," they say. In addition, they recall that part of these claims affect totally or partially the communities, which have the sanitary competences.


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