May 11, 2021

Mediaset minimizes Cuatro's news | TV

Mediaset minimizes Cuatro's news | TV

Mediaset Spain has decided to reduce the length of the news of Cuatro, the second channel of the group, for this new year, in order to focus on entertainment. From this Tuesday, January 8, News Four first edition, which began to be broadcast on November 7, 2005, is limited to a space of just 15 minutes, from 14.15 to 14.30. The second edition has also been cut five minutes, from 30 to 25 and from 19.50 to 20.15.

Según has advanced, Mediaset's plan is that the news will disappear from the chain's new grill, which will focus on entertainment and where information will only be found in the new program that Carme Chaparro will present in the afternoons. Asked this morning by EL PAÍS, a Mediaset spokesman has not confirmed or denied the measure and has merely replied that, for now, they will not comment.

The news team was informed on Monday morning, according to Yotele, which ensures that the night edition will be canceled but that the midday edition will be maintained for eight minutes.

The editing, writing and production team Four News it will be relocated in the Atlas agency or in the new program of Chaparro, indicate the same websites. The second edition of the news, which Javier Ruiz presents the cancellation of The Mornings of CuatrorI had 3% of Compartir on average and the midday had dropped about six points from the disappearance of The mornings, until being placed in the environment of 5% of screen quota. The information magazine of the mornings, which in 2015 he received the Ondas Award for the best current program, It was replaced on June 15 by Women and men and vice versa.

According to Yotele, the reduction of the news to the minimum expression has not been officially announced because it is waiting for the top management to return from the Christmas holidays this Tuesday, January 8.

The leadership in the news is no longer TVE. In the second half of 2018, Antena 3 managed to place its television newscasts as preferred by the audience, with an average of 1,911,000 viewers (14.4% of screen share). The loss of the leadership of the news of La 1 has coincided with the arrival of Rosa María Mateo at the head of the corporation as provisional sole administrator. For the seventh consecutive year, Telecinco was the most watched channel in 2018. The Mediaset channel grew compared to 2017, going from 13.3% of the screen share to 14.1%.


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