Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Mediaset gives clues about the new contestants of 'GH VIP'

The new edition of
Big Brother VIP
is just around the corner and so it is showing Mediaset from some promotional pieces that encourages fans of the reality show to guess who will be next contestants of the program For this they have to reveal the la x ’, but the clues they leave are, in some cases, very clear.

In just 30 seconds Jorge Javier reveals four characteristics of four different contestants that once again demonstrate the traditional features of the reality participants. To do this, in a supposed reality show camera control and with a wicker box, The presenter of the program comes to see what is there.

A folkloric and a fortune teller

“Eh, no, the first one on the forehead,” comments Jorge Javier, claiming that “They are hooked to success" And the first thing he takes out is a flamenco dress painted on a kind of quilt. "Ale, we already have our flamenco portion," he says. What folk will be encouraged on this occasion to live enclosed between the four walls of Guadalix?

Then the identity of the second famous does not give much choice: he is a fortune teller. “How good it is for us to have someone who guesses the future”, Jorge Javier alleges while questioning“ to see what this one can guess ”. Will Master Joao be the face that hides behind that identity for clearing?

A heart journalist and an armed gentleman

The next to leave seems to be within the universe Save me. "Oh, uA journalist of the heart. I hope it is from Save me
”, Says the presenter of GH VIP, happy to have “sane people inside the house. A house in which the name of Mila Ximénez has been rumored a lot. Will she be

By last, "a well armed gentleman”Is another of the faces that will add to the adventure of GH VIP. What kind of well-armed gentleman can it be? Social networks have not taken long to give their version and do not rule out that it is a contestant of Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV). Will they be right? Who are the faces behind these identities?

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