March 8, 2021

Mediaset eliminates the informative section of 'Cuatro al día' | TV

Mediaset eliminates the informative section of 'Cuatro al día' | TV

The television network Cuatro, of Mediaset, continues with its plan of becoming a means of entertainment and forgetting about information and politics. After closing their usual news at noon and night, the network premiered Four a day last February, a current evening magazine that had two parts, an informative about 14 hours and others more debate and connections in director between 17.30 and 18.20, approximately. In between the sports information was emitted and Everything is a lie, the Risto Mejide program. From Monday, will only have the part of afternoon in the daily schedule from Monday to Friday.

Four ends like this with the last bit of raw information on his grill during the week. In the afternoon, in Four a day The news is covered, but from a more opinionable point of view, with collaborators and tertulians. The program, presented by Carme Chaparro, which is no longer accompanied by Santi Burgoa, is produced by Unicorn Content (the same producer that The Ana Rosa program). From the chain claim that they are "programming adjustments" and confirm that the informative edition of the weekend itself will remain.

In the mornings the grill is set to Four, so the dating program Women and men and vice versa will be extended until 13.50 and will give way to The contest of the year. It is maintained, at 14:45, the sports news four sports.

The month in which it was released Four a day, the Mediaset chain (group in which Telecinco is also) marked its historical minimum of screen share, by 4.8%. In the following months, the chain has been climbing little by little until reaching 6% in June. In this time, Mediaset has passed a small part of the coverage of Survivors from Telecinco to Cuatro and the chain has also offered football matches like the final of the European Under-21 on Sunday in which Spain was proclaimed champion against Germany (5,036,000 spectators and a share of 36.1%).

Cuatro did not manage to reach 6% or surpass it since July 2018 (its historical maximum, 13.1%, achieved it in June 2008 during the European Football Championship in which Spain took the tournament). Four a day at 2:00 p.m. had an average of 418,000 viewers with a share of 4.1%.

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