January 15, 2021

Mediapro takes over the audiovisual rights of the Liga Iberdrola | sports

Atlético defeats Barcelona and gets into the final of the Copa de la Reina | sports

The battle between LaLiga and the Federation for women's football experienced a new chapter on Thursday. The Association of Women's Soccer Clubs (ACFF) announced at a press conference held at the headquarters of LaLiga that Mediapro has acquired the television rights of the First Division of women's football, known as Liga Iberdrola, for the next three seasons for 9 million euros, at a rate of three million per year. "It's a historic day, of absolute joy. It is the result of a lot of work. We have not left anything to improvisation. And the result is this ", assured Rubén Alcaine, president of the ACFF, accompanied by the 14 clubs that make up the association.

The adjudication through an auction of the television rights of Liga Iberdrola For the first time in its history, it is one more step on the roadmap marked in the development plan for women's football devised by the ACFF. A step that clashes with the intentions of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to create a new model of competition and management, outside the existing one, economically exploited by LaLiga through ACFF itself. "We do not contemplate another scenario that is not the one that has a competition that is this league Iberdrola. The 14 clubs that are here do not consider any other competition than the Iberdrola League, with the sale of rights that has just been announced, "said Alcaine.

The Federation proposes an Elite Division (16 teams) and a Promises Division (32 teams), which would also be the competition that would give the right to participate in the Women's Champions League. "We see it improvised. Between precipitate, improvised … We believe that the Federation is serious enough to talk about changing the model of competition in three months ", explained Alcaine.

Alcaine also remarked that they had not yet transferred the outcome of the negotiation to the RFEF. "We will have to talk to them, although at this moment they will already have knowledge," he said before acknowledging that they still do not have a clear date to talk with the agency, although they would like it to be "as soon as possible." And he added: "I think that for the benefit of women's football they will be delighted with this offer."

The federation plan has the approval of Athletic Bilbao, one of the only two participating clubs in the Iberdrola League and not part of the ACFF. "Athletic Club is present in the women's football committee of the RFEF and participated in the decision making [la creación del nuevo modelo de campeonato] represented by its president, Aitor Elizegi ", announced the Bilbao entity in a statement.

The other is Barcelona. From the Barca entity spoke yesterday in terms of a change in the management model, but not the creation of a league parallel to the current. "We will always be in favor of the maximum professionalization of women's football and the Federation," they said.

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