November 30, 2020

Mediapro admits the payment of bribes to obtain the television rights of several World Cups

The Mediapro group has admitted the “payment of bribes” to senior FIFA officials for the purchase of the audiovisual rights of the qualifying phase in the Central American and Caribbean regions in the soccer World Cups in 2014, 2018 and 2022, as recognized by the company itself it’s a statement.

Mediapro agrees to pay almost 20 million euros to exit the investigation into corruption in FIFA

Mediapro agrees to pay almost 20 million euros to exit the investigation into corruption in FIFA

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In 2018, the company Imagina, a subsidiary of Mediapro, signed a non-prosecution agreement with the United States Department of Justice in exchange for recognizing the aforementioned bribes and the payment of a fine of almost 20 million euros. During the subsequent years, however, the company tried to dissociate itself from these behaviors and held two of its senior officials who worked in the company’s Miami branch responsible for the bribes.

With the statement published this week, Mediapro rejects “each and every one of the statements” made by its subsidiary or its representatives since the signing of the non-prosecution agreement in which it denied that it was responsible or participated in the criminal conduct of three of his then employees. In other words, it retracts the statements of recent years in which it has tried to distinguish itself from the bribes and attribute them to the personal conduct of some employees.

“Imagina recognizes its responsibility, as a legal entity, for the criminal conduct of its representatives; that said criminal conduct for which Imagina was responsible included the payment of bribes for the purchase of the audiovisual rights of the qualification phase in the Central American regions and the Caribbean (CONCACAF) for the 2014, 2018 and 2022 Soccer World Championships in violation of United States law, “the statement said.

“Three employees were implicated in such criminal conduct, two of whom pleaded guilty to paying numerous bribes, and the third, a former co-CEO of Imagina, accepted the payment of a $ 1.5 million bribe ( 1.26 million euros) in order to acquire the Rights of the Qualifiers and authorized, directed and facilitated the payment of half a million dollars (420,000 euros) of said total amount. The three were dismissed and removed from the management of Grupo Imagina or any of its subsidiaries since December 2015 “, the letter continues.

The company adds that “in view of certain accusations made in recent months”, it wants to “clarify” that none of the activities carried out by its other lines of business were involved in the investigation of the US Department of Justice. in the same statement that, since the agreement was signed in 2018, it has “been implementing” a “wide range of policies and procedures” to ensure compliance with all laws and “good practices” in the “area of ​​anti-corruption “in all the territories in which it does business.


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