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Apotheosis night in the municipal land of Vecindario, of those who are fond of Canary wrestling. The heroic of the champion and his main gladiator. The Union Agüimes Cicar conquered for the second consecutive year the title of the Cabildo League of Gran Canaria of First Category after beating by 12-11 the Union Gáldar CCO 7 Palmas. And the winner turned to his main banner, strut B Ricardo Rodríguez, Medianito IV, to turn around a fight that was put uphill at the start.

The palmero fighter, one by one, was leaving the main workers of the Galician cadre on the way. With 8-11 against him, he only measured against the main square of the Northwest team. Jonay Alemán, Moisés Pérez, who took Jonay Roque out of trouble, and Fafi Martín. His exhibition was well worth a title for the Southeast.

The first major event of the new season of Canary Wrestling in Gran Canaria faced a single fight against the only two representatives of the Island in First Category. They measured forces with Alberto Rivero as referee, assisted by Manuel Bouquets and Isaac Diaz. The Terrero de Vecindario registered a good public entrance, without reaching the full, to see in action Agüimenses and Galdenses.

The fight, in its beginning, was opted for the whole of the Northwest. The Gáldar Union was ahead 0-3 and this circumstance caused the highlights of the Union Agüimes, Jonay Roque and Tomás del Toro to appear on the sand. With this, the result tightened (4-5).

In this section of the confrontation, Carlos Santana wore the Galician side and Néstor Mejías for the Agüimes side, eliminating two opponents each (7-7).

That tonic of equality would be broken next, because those of the Northwest took a succulent advantage that presaged a happy outcome for their interests.

With him 8-11, Ricardo Rodríguez, Medianito IV, made his stellar appearance to go one by one to draw the main fighters of the Gáldar Union.

The palm is very easily imposed on Quique Ojeda and Rayco Santiago, giving both of them in a row both to put the excitement high above the delirium of their fans (10-11).

Now it was his turn to see himself against the strut B Fafi Martín, also a palmero. The latter falls eliminated after separating in the two seized and having a warning.

He only needed to take off the Highlights A Moisés Pérez to finish his deed. Said and done. Medianito IV gives the first touch of pito per pardelera. And also for the tomb of the Gáldar fighter so that the Union Agüimes Cicar revalidates the title of the Cabildo League of Gran Canaria of First Category by 12-11. Bestial. Joy overflowed on the Southeast side. Without a doubt, a good start to the course.

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