Measures against cars and 'realities' | TV

Measures against cars and 'realities' | TV

Jorge Javier Vázquez (who shares with Federico García Lorca, Juan Ramón Jiménez and Ramón Gómez de la Serna the privilege of being known by his first name: Federico, Juan Ramón, Ramón and Jorge Javier) has become angry with Rosa María Mateo because it announced that, as long as she sends, there will be no more realities in TVE that his appearances in the Congress. The anger of Jorge Javier reminds me a lot of the neighbors of the heart of Madrid protesting against Central Madrid: what really bothers some and others? If both win.

Just as the residents of Central Madrid obtain the privilege of circulating freely where no one else can, Mateo's decision gives the Jorge Javier chain the privilege of producing realities at discretion without worrying about TVE. Some have been given the streets, and others, the format.

If Central Madrid is the beginning of the end of the cars, the announcement of Rosa María Mateo could also be the beginning of the end of the public television commercial model, which, after all, has not been looking for advertisers for a long time and could well stop to find an audience. A television that, like poetry, measured its prestige by the way in which everyone ignores it. An art and essay television that only circulated taxis and residents and in which no loud and vulgar format could park. A television without traffic jams and with public transport that left free competition to the rest, but, at the same time, irritated many drivers like Jorge Javier, who would get angry with a certain reason. Because, while others go by car, they can circulate and smoke with the moral tranquility of knowing that everyone does it. Pedestrianization without realities uncover his alibi. A single pedestrian is enough to make all drivers feel guilty. And that is what bothers Jorge Javier in the background.


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