"Me and my family have a little fear for the coronavirus"

The former Espanyol, Atlético de Madrid and Villarreal have talked about how the coronavirus is lived in China.

Leo Baptistao, footballer currently in the ranks of Wuhan Zall Chinese, acknowledged that both he and his environment are "a little afraid" to return to the country from Spain, where they are concentrated.

"I and my family are a little scared. But if they say that the situation is stable, that they can return quietly, we will do it. What they have told us is that if we return it would not be to Wuhan at the moment but to another city of China until you are totally sure, "he explained.

The former footballer of Rayo Vallecano, Atlético de Madrid or Espanyol attended a reception at the LaLiga headquarters along with the rest of the squad and later he will witness live with them the 'Classic' between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

"The worst thing we have is that we have no dates at all. There is a limitation for the coaching staff because we do not know when we started the league, the training load. That is complicated," he told the media.

Leo Baptistao does not know when the league will start in China because of the coronavirus

"They have given us days off but I think that Chinese players do not like it because I don't think they enjoy it so much knowing that their families are in danger. They are pulling forward. It is something very rare that I don't think will happen again." he added.

In that line of uncertainty, he said: "We have assumptions about when the league can start but they have already changed many times. In principle we should have already returned to China, now they say we will return in mid-April. We are awaiting any information that arises ".

Seated in Andalusia since last January, he says: "It's like a pre-season of a lifetime. We train in the morning and in the afternoon, we have treatments, the Play Station, we talk to each other, we watch games ... and when there is Afternoons, we go out to eat or have coffee. "

"Everything adds up. Living together, getting along, knowing each other's situation ... We know that there are partners who are having a bad time and that creates a positive bond that when it comes to jumping into the field will come in handy," he added.

On the other hand, he talked about the spread of the virus: “At the moment in China they say that every day there is good news. Now it is growing in Europe and I think we should worry a little, avoid it from spreading much, because there you already know how to control it. ”


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