McDonald's to ration fries in Japan for a month due to supply problems




McDonald's Japanese subsidiary has announced that, starting next Sunday and for about a month, only the small format of potato chips will serve on its menus as a result of supply problems and delays that affect the port of Vancouver (Canada), the main transit point for the company's imports from North America.

In this way, as it was forced to do between December 24 and 30 of last year, the fast food restaurant chain will only serve the 'S size' (small) of potato chips on its menus.

"We temporarily suspend sales of sizes M and L (medium and large) from January 9, 2022 (Sunday) for about a month, and we will only sell size S," the company reported, adding that it is taking several measures to ensure a stable supply in the future, such as the organization of new distribution channels.

McDonald's Japan has explained that it imports potatoes from North America on a large scale through the port of Vancouver, but shipments were delayed due to flood damage and the impact of the coronavirus on the global distribution network.

In addition to the continued delay in imports, unforeseen circumstances, such as cargo hold in Vancouver, problems caused by the effects of snow and bad weather on the route and the postponement until mid-January The delivery service scheduled for the beginning of the month has caused a further delay in the arrival of supplies.

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