May 26, 2020

McDonald's CEO ceased for maintaining a relationship with an employee

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook has been fired for violating company policies by maintaining a romantic relationship with an unidentified employee, the company said Sunday.

The fast-food giant said Easterbrook showed a lack of judgment, as the company prohibits senior officials from maintaining relations with other workers, whether under their direct command or not.

According to the specialized MarketWatch media, Easterbrook sent an email to employees in which he acknowledged the relationship and said it had been a mistake.

"Given the values ​​of the company, I agree with the board of directors that it is time for me to leave," he said in the brief.

McDonald's said they voted for the approval of Easterbrook's departure last Friday after carrying out a detailed analysis of the situation, while the economic details of their compensation will be known on Monday by sending documents to federal authorities.

Following the dismissal of Easterbrook, the McDonald's board of directors appointed Chris Kempczinski as new president and delegated council, who has recently been at the head of McDonald's USA and will take up his new position immediately.

According to a statement, the president of the company's board of directors, Enrique Hernández, Kempczinski was one of the key figures in the development of McDonald's strategic plan and has overseen the most complete transformation of the company in the US. in the history of the hamburger chain.

"Steve brought me to McDonald's and was a patient mentor who helped me a lot," said the new CEO on Easterbrook.

The former 52-year-old manager has held that position at McDonald's since March 2015, and under his direction the company's actions almost multiplied by two, although the flow of visits to its restaurants in the US still stuck.

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