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Spring comes to Audience Alfredo Kraus and the Pérez Galdós Theater with many novelties that, in the month of March, raise the voice of women. Spring programming begins in the Auditorium with the cycle Authors, an already consolidated cycle that gives visibility to young creators in the musical environment. In this edition, the three protagonists of Authors are three young Spanish artists with much to say: Mäbu
(6th of March), Marem Ladson (March 13) and The other (March 27th).

Women will continue to be protagonists with the concert of the Gran Canaria's Women Band which will take place on March 8 on the occasion of International Women's Day. It is the only symphonic band that exists in the Canary Islands exclusively composed of women, a way to make visible the role of women in any instrument. El Rincón del Jazz, one of the most consolidated cycles of the Auditorium, will bring in March a female soloist, the American singer Deborah J. Carter, that on March 14 will turn the Sala Jerónimo Saavedra into a tribute to the Beatles songs. The next day, on March 15, we changed the record, to enter the sound world and the solemnity of Haendel with Concerto Haendel, starring the organist Mar Tejadas and the Inegale String Ensemble, directed by Carles Fibla.

The Pérez Galdós Theater also joins on March 18 to this eminently feminine March with the Patricia Kraus concert 'Pioneers' that pays tribute to great female singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin or Janis Joplin, internationally recognized for their voices and charisma. And of the veterans we return the next day March 19, to the Auditorium to listen to the pianist Alexandra Dovgan who goes to the Solo cycle, to amaze with her early virtuosity to the piano.

On March 22, Sergio Dalma will go to the Auditorium to present a concert for his 30-year career before his audience. And on March 26, the great ladies of soul will be the protagonists of the Alma de mujer concert, in charge of the City Dock Band. And finally, closing this month with a special female presence, we find the fado singer Lina who goes with the renowned producer Räul Refree to present her latest common work that takes traditional fado to another universal dimension with the electronic accompaniment that Refree provides . This concert (March 28) is part of the Worlds cycle in which visibility is given to music from other corners of the planet.

Mäbu She is the acronym for María Blanco Uranga, the lead songwriter and singer of this pop band from Bilbao (she is the daughter of Sergio and Estíbaliz), born in early 2008 when she joins producer and guitarist Txarlie Solano and releases her first EP Hallo, who managed to capture the attention of the public and the media. According to the artist, producing an EP before the studio album responds "to the difficulty of releasing a first album for little known groups." In the case of Mäbu, this decision had its fruits since the EP, which accompanied a video, was a great success on the internet, brought it closer to the public and managed to arouse the interest of the industry. Since then, with more than two hundred concerts behind him and 5 recordings, Mäbu has become an essential band in the Spanish independent music scene with its own sound with which it begins to cross our borders and that has taken them to Mexico where They have a great projection.

With recognized Anglo-Saxon influences such as Feist, Aimee Mann and Regina Spektor and other nationals such as Vetusta Morla, Depedro or Los Piratas, one of the most important features for Mäbu is his direct. "The public demands truths without cheating and that is only achieved by the
direct, "said María Blanco in his interventions. In the Auditorium they will present the themes of their new EP Primavera on a Primavera Showcases tour that will take them throughout the national territory. Small format concerts with which they will tour the Spanish geography until 2021 with which they are running out of tickets as in the case of Madrid where they have had to open another new date.


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