Mbappé on Messi: “He’s a football genius, he doesn’t have an overrated reputation”

Leo Messi with the PSG shirt.

Leo Messi with the PSG shirt.

The French striker Kylian Mbappé spoke in an interview to ‘RMC’ radio about his coaches at the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), your relationship with Leo Messi, Sergio Ramos and the athletes who inspired him, among other things: “I don’t want people to say: ‘Messi came and we didn’t win the Champions League“.

Interviewed by former footballer Jerome Rothen, Mbappé answers several questions about Messi. “He’s a soccer genius, he doesn’t have an overrated reputation. From day one, when you saw him without competitive rhythm because he had played the Copa América, you saw his talent. It’s an incredible thing, “says the player to the radio channel, which this Monday had already released some extracts in which the footballer confessed that he wanted to go to Real Madrid last summer.

Mbappé assumes that it will be a frustration for PSG not to win the Champions League having Messi: “If we don’t win, then I don’t want people to tell us: ‘Messi came and we didn’t win the Champions League.’ He came to delight people. When he scored (against City), the stadium was came down. ”

The forward also spoke of other new signings, including Sergio Ramos, who has not yet been able to make his debut for PSG due to physical problems. “When he returns, he is a leader on the field of play, he is going to give us everything he knows how to do.”

Of the three coaches he has had at the Parisian club, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel and now Mauricio Pochettino, estimated that they all look alike. “They make a lot of videos of the rival, looking for their weaknesses (…) When you arrive at the stadium, you never do it without knowing anything about your opponent. Then I also watch the games and get to know the players.”

To a question of which is the player who impressed him the most, Mbappé quotes Cristiano Ronaldo as the figure he was inspired by “when he was younger.” “Growing up, you admire many more people, even from other sports. Some of the best there is. I read the Michael Jordan biography for a long time.”

After more than two months of silence, Mbappé granted two interviews this week, that of ‘RMC’ and ‘L’Equipe’, in which he acknowledges that his wish was to go to Real Madrid this summer. Nevertheless, your club refused to negotiate and he now leaves the door open for both a departure (his contract ends in June 2022), and a renewal.

PSG showed its discomfort, through its sports director Leonardo, for Real Madrid’s public statements about the future of Mbappé.


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