Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Mayweather’s bodyguard attacks a boxer fan

Another deplorable gesture of Floyd mayweather. The American boxer was in a parking lot during his stay in Las Vegas when a follower approached to ask for a ‘selfie’. Mayweather He despised her with antipathy: “What are they doing? Get out of my sight, ”he heard. He then asked his bodyguard to intervene.

Immediately, his employee acted assaulting the fan and his companion. The mobile that recorded the situation, ended up on the ground. The woman, of Mexican nationality, published the video on her social networks and quickly went viral.

The video of Mayweather It was accompanied by this message: “Not everything that happens in Las Vegas should stay there. Not that we are fans of him, we just tried to take a picture with him, and he reacted. I never thought it would be so disgusting. Pal ’who wants to take pictures with this vato, think twice. It’s not like I’m his fan, but I didn’t think it was such a culero either. ”

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