Mayor of Ermua expresses his fatigue at the attitude of some feminists

The mayor of Ermua, the socialist Juan Carlos Abascal, has expressed his fatigue at the attitude of some feminists, who have called on the population not to participate in a march in favor of the woman that the City Council of this town will organize tomorrow, the day of the March 8.

Through various messages he has made public these days in his profile of the social network "Facebook", the mayor has censored that these feminists intend "to impose their way of thinking, to feel feminism" and the activities they organize.

The first mayor has lamented that these women have "uprooted" posters announcing this march and called the "boycott" of this mobilization.

Similarly, he recalled that, more than a year ago, these women labeled municipal officials with "good and bad feminist cards".

"They tell us how we have to live, how we have to consume, who are good and bad sponsors. They intend to arrogate the exclusive legitimacy of feminism," he reproached.

The mayor has called on the population to take part tomorrow in the march in favor of equality and has said that the Ermua City Council will continue with "the outstretched hand, to work from cooperation and converting women's equality and rights into the main message of March 8 ".


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