July 9, 2020

Mayor demands the resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico after insults

The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, demanded Friday the resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, for insulting her in a chat with other officials.

The complaint comes after a third day Rossello talks with part of his working group, in which the governed copies a tweet from "Boina Verde de Yulín" that says: "The comandanta stopped taking her It's that or it's tremendous HP This seems like a cruel mockery, Fatherland or death. "

"Ricardo, you are a macho, you are a sexist, you are an abuser, you are a coward and a person who does not deserve to occupy the chair you occupy," Cruz said at a press conference.

"With your words what you do is breed violence, and I ask you, today you told me a bitch, I am not a bitch, I am a woman who knows what she wants, who goes out to work, who, like many others, I have raised my daughter with my parents, a woman who does not remain silent before the abuses, much less against men like you, "warned the mayor.

The chat posted today also mentions gay attorney Mayra López Mulero, while in another chat leaked on Thursday, Governor Rosselló calls New York City Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito a "whore".

In response, Rosselló offered last night, after arriving from Madrid on a vacation trip with his family, a press conference in which he said he asked for "forgiveness" and that he was not going to express himself in the same way again.

"Those are the words that a male abuser says to a woman after he gives in. They are the words of a man who tells his partner to convince her not to leave her," the words heard by women who have died at the hands of those that does not have the courage or what men are enough to have a healthy relationship, "said Yulín Cruz.

"While the governor was making his theatrical appearance in La Fortaleza (seat of the Executive), the real Ricardo Rossello was felt in the women who were outside, while inside he asked for forgiveness, outside was with power and with stick," said the mayor about a group that was demonstrating outside the Executive Mansion while the governor offered the press conference.

The wave of chat publications, as well as the arrests of the exits of Education, Julia Keleher, and the Health Insurance Administration of Puerto Rico, Ángel Ávila, have caused citizens to ask Rossello to resign his post.

"To ask for the resignation of the governor would be to waste time today, because yesterday he showed that he has no temper, conviction and mockery moves him," said Cruz.

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