Mayor Algeciras accuses the Government of uncoordinated arrival "Open Arms"

Mayor Algeciras accuses the Government of uncoordinated arrival "Open Arms"

The mayor of Algeciras (Cádiz), José Ignacio Landaluce (PP), has accused the central government of acting "uncoordinated" before the arrival this morning to the port facilities of Crinavis of the ship "Open Arms" with more than 300 immigrants rescued off the coast of Libya.

As indicated by the mayor in a statement, the Executive of Pedro Sanchez "in addition to lack of coordination, continues to show an absolute disinterest in this City, which keeps permanently uninformed of all actions in this regard carried out and affecting our city , as in this case, which again demonstrates the disorientation of its immigration policy ".

Landaluce explains that several of the 114 unaccompanied minors who travel on the ship will arrive in Algeciras, who will be transferred to the Pelayo youth hostel.

"In this case, neither the Government nor the Junta de Andalucía, which is the one with the competences in this matter, have deigned to inform us about the process, when the City Council has to be prepared in case our collaboration is requested", indicates the mayor.

He adds that "the only information we have received has reached us through the non-governmental organizations that are already working with these immigrants, but the only thing the government does is to shut up for an answer, creating problems and not giving solutions".


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