"Maybe I do not understand what feminism means" | Society

A local policeman has intervened this Thursday from the public in the international congress on sexist violence held in the auditorium of the Palace of Congresses and Fairs of Seville, with 1,607 attendees: "I do not feel feminist, but that does not mean macho, I'm bad people or a bastard. Maybe the problem is mine, I do not understand what feminism means. Let's see if I can understand it, I want to give my point of view because many people think like me. "

The confusion of the agent demonstrates the existing prejudices about the feminist term and even the stigma attached to it, especially among men, something that is so widespread as to sneak into a congress on gender violence with jurists, psychologists, health professionals and experts. of all kinds. The police answered the visual artist and speaker Yolanda Dominguez: "You do not know what feminism is, period."

Everything had started half an hour earlier, at the round table The construction and deconstruction of masculinity. Dominguez asked the attending men who felt feminist they will rise and sit in the back rows. Most of them moved to the back of the immense room, but a group of men remained in their seats during the activist's talk. "We need empathy and you give up your space. We have to see how equality costs us, that we are not even capable of making a symbolic gesture like changing places in an audience ". And a girl asked: "I would like to know if those who have not risen are considered macho." The local police then explained his vision of equality, which has popularized celebrities such as Paula Echevarría to say that "you do not have to be feminist or macho".

Erik Pescador, a sociologist and sexologist, was answered by the agent from the stand: "There can not be intermediate factions. Either you are in favor of equality or you are in favor of violence. " After several clarifying interventions, the policeman got up and sat at the back of the auditorium. And the applause was thunderous.

Pescador added a posteriori: "This is very beautiful because it has been spontaneous. What happened today has to do with ignorance, but also with emotion, the detail is perfect. It's what I call the equalism, neither macho nor feminist, which is part of populism and says that equality has already arrived, when it is not true (...) And the radical surname is put on feminism by men who are afraid ". For Fisherman, patriarchy "is the enemy, not man, and is in every corner of society and institutions, in the little things we overlook".

The latest survey presented on the term this Thursday in Zaragoza reveals that more than half of the Spanish population feels quite or very feminist, although only 5% define themselves as active in feminism.

During the round table, moderated by the professor of Genetics at the University of Seville Isabel López, Domínguez was very critical of contemporary representations of traditional masculinity: "The only reference of gentlemen in domestic spaces on television is Bertín Osborne, see what machote that does not know how to start a ceramic hob. They fail in the kitchen and drink, something pathetic. " Half an hour later, the film director Celia Rico threw salt to the wound at the table about gender violence in the audiovisual industry. "Now there is a fad to cover the quota of women directors. If it's just a fad, that would have to be watched: I know producers who call assemblers next to an editor who decides, just to put his name. "

The definition of the RAE is transparent. Feminism: principle of equal rights for women and men.


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