Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Màxim Huerta breaks his silence in 'El programa de Ana Rosa'

Màxim Huerta rompe su silencio en ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’

Presenter, journalist, writer and also minister. Although this last trade for a short time. This way, the trajectory of Màxim Huerta, who was a co-representative in
The Ana Rosa Program
and who this Wednesday has returned home "nervous" to break your silence for the first time in what was his home after his brief passage through the politics.

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Nervous to talk on television and to see all his colleagues, Huerta has come this Wednesday to The Ana Rosa Program after a loud and controversial absence. He has done it to promote his new book, Improvised intimacy (Ed. Espasa) but also for unveil how it feels after everything that happened with his person and how he has lived it.

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