Matute (EH Bildu), on the agreement with the Government: "It has been forged with discretion and a lot of interaction"

In statements to TVE collected by Europa Press, the deputy explained that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has negotiated with EH Bildu that the agreement be made public after the Congress of Deputies has approved the extension of the state of alarm until the next 7 June, vote in which this formation has abstained.

"In the last days we have been polishing the aspects and we have been discussing when it was made public and there was a meeting point that was to do it after the Plenary session and we had no further objection," he specified.

In this sense, he explained that for EH Bildu what matters is not the date of the announcement but that it be carried to term. "I understand that politics has a part of spectacularity and a part of synchronization but it is also solving problems and we are much more interested in that dimension and we care much less when it was made public," he specified.

In this line, he defended that the agreement "is not a triumph" of EH Bildu, "even a small satisfaction" and "wink to the popular classes", and welcomed the commitment that this repeal be "effective before the end of the extraordinary measures adopted by the Government in economic and labor matters derived from the crisis caused by Covid-19 ".

On this point, he has clarified that it will be ready when the extension of the extension of the ERTEs ends until June 30. "When the ERTEs end, they cannot find a scenario for the application of the labor reform. We do not want, and it was a key element, that no worker who, after an ERTE that has already reduced their purchasing power, encounters a labor reform that will may condemn a situation of greater job instability, "he argued.

In any case, he has defended that it raises "two elements that were already on the table" before the pandemic, in the government agreement between the PSOE and United We Can, and stressed that the full repeal has been requested to avoid diatribes and a greater financing capacity of local entities for social investment. "Those measures are as important before as now," he stressed.

"It is a clear commitment to a line of action in favor of the interests of the working class against another attempt that is taking the streets in a risky way that a democratic involution of the way out of the crisis is seeking," Matute, who has defended recalled that EH Bildu is not in politics to "win sympathy contests" but to defend the workers.


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