Matthias Mayer clearly imposes himself on Kvitfjell’s descent

Alpine Skiing World Cup. Matthias Mayer today claims in Kvitjell his fourth victory of the season, the second in decline.

“It’s always good to win the last race of the season and be in the top 3 of the Downhill general standings because it gives me strong motivation for next year. It is a difficult slope and it is difficult to beat the Norwegians here since they are very fast, so I am even more satisfied! ”Mayer said after the race.

Matthias Mayer skied an impeccable descent, which allowed him to be faster than everyone else, including local favorite Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR). The Norwegian, who led until Mayer’s career, finished second (+ 0.14s) and earned his first podium in the Norwegian snow. With the 80 points won today, Kilde jumps back to the first place in the overall standings.

Carlo Janka surprises his teammate Beat Feuz and marks the third fastest time, achieving the second podium of his season after the first downhill at Lake Louise.

Beat Feuz finished fourth and did not take the podium for the 19th time in the last 22 races. The Swiss speed machine celebrates the third consecutive descent balloon of his career, as he finished first in the relegation classification, with more than 200 points ahead of Thomas Dressen (second) and Matthias Mayer (third).


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