Mato: "The Spanish Presidency of the EU cannot be a unilateral exercise in narcissism"

Mato: "The Spanish Presidency of the EU cannot be a unilateral exercise in narcissism"

Archive photo of PP MEP Gabriel Mato. / EFE/Ramon de la Rocha

The MEP also defends that one of Spain's challenges is to strengthen the relationship between the European Union and Latin America, and with the countries of North Africa

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The MEP of the Popular Party Gabriel Mato participated this Wednesday in the Summer Courses of the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP), in Santander. Specifically, he was the protagonist of the presentation '
The perspective of the European Parliament for the next Spanish Presidency' organized by the Spanish Federal Council of the European Movement of the UIMP.

In his speech, the Canarian MEP argued that the
Presidency of the EU the second half of 2023 «is a great opportunity for Spain, not for the government of Spain». «The Spanish Presidency cannot be a unilateral exercise of narcissism on the part of the Government, but rather
should include broad sectors of society Spanish in its development and organization," added Mato.

In this regard, he recalled that "any attempt at partisan use or manipulation, especially by those who have the responsibility of leading this collective effort, would make a
enormous damage to Spain's reputation in Europe».

Matt explained that
the real challenge for the Government is to include issues on the agenda that could leave Spain's mark during the semester. As an example, he exposed the need to strengthen foreign policy between the European Union and Latin America, as well as the countries of North Africa.

The MEP also insisted that
it must be the Congress of Deputies that defines the issues that Spain champions during its Presidency. “However, and taking into account the precedents of the Spanish Foreign and Defense Policy Strategies approved this legislature and the tendency of this Government to impose on all fronts, I very much doubt that it will do things as it should for the first time. ", lament.

The great challenges of the Union

During the presentation, Gabriel Mato explained that
the role played by the European Parliament during the Spanish Presidency it's the same one he's played to date.

«The European Parliament does not have a specific perspective of the Spanish Presidency. In other words,
has the same importance as for any other half-year Presidency: that the great issues that are studied and debated on a daily basis in the European Parliament, the only European institution directly elected by the citizens, are taken into account,” he added.

The MEP summed up the major issues facing Europe at the moment in five. The first, the security and defense of Europe. The crisis generated by the war in Ukraine highlights
the need to establish a defense union, as approved by the European Parliament. A «strategic autonomy» whose general objective is to guarantee «a holistic approach to the Union's foreign, security and defense policy, and its participation in the application and control of the European Peace Support Fund and the Strategic Compass ».

Energy crisis

The second major issue affecting the Union is the energy crisis. The restrictions on access to Russian gas and the consequent increase in prices
threatens supply problems.

Faced with this scenario, the MEP insisted on the need
for the EU to commit to energy self-sufficiencyaddressing the possibility of building new nuclear power plants or looking for safer and more efficient ways to take advantage of gas and the environment.

The third big issue that will affect the European Union
is the economic crisis. The consequences of the war in Ukraine will worsen in the coming months. This will force many Member States to apply adjustment measures, while they will have to effectively implement the Next Generation funds.

In any case, he pointed out, "the EU has little to do except in terms of monetary policy to
try to reverse the impact of inflation and urge States to be responsibleproposing countercyclical measures».

Restore confidence

The MEP also alluded to the
youth as one of the big issues that the EU will have to tackleremembering that this has been one of the most hit groups in recent times.

'Parliament has always supported close cooperation between Member States in the field of youth policy. It has assumed a very active role in the development of youth policy with the implementation of various resolutions: Youth Guarantee,
fostering youth entrepreneurship through education and training, youth employment, skills policies to combat youth unemployment, repercussions of COVID-19 on young people and sport”, he commented.

Finally, Mato emphasized the need to
strengthen trust in institutions and politicians. He recalled that in a context like the current one, dominated by uncertainty, it is easy, for example, for extremist and populist movements to proliferate.

"In the European Parliament we are very aware of these problems and we believe it is essential that the EU Council Presidencies
send clear messages about it. Also the Spanish Presidency, ”said the Canarian MEP.

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