Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Matías Prats and his new viral joke about black sheep

Matías Prats y su nuevo chiste viral sobre ovejas negras

It seems that Matías Prats, presenter of Antena 3 News, has taken a liking to sneak jokes during the weekend news, because one more week has surprised the spectators with a joke of the most particular. It is his hallmark that contributes, to his journalistic style, something different and singular adding the smile to the so formal informative spaces.

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To achieve the laughter of the spectators during a space so serious in itself, is something complicated except for the historic journalist. On this occasion, his sense of humor has led him to viralize a story about sheep black.

"That's giving ... on target"

"Being the black sheep has condemned them to be in danger of extinction. For farmers, they are less profitable, but in Cuenca they have found the value that differentiates them. " That is how Monica Carrillo began the news in question. And Matías Prats continued the step to the video with the following explanation: "That's right, neither more nor less his milk to make Manchego black sheep cheese. A unique cheese that it is sold almost entirely in the United States. That is to give ... on target"

With this last sentence in the form of a joke, the presenter got the usual, put the funny note to a curious news and also, take the smile from the viewer with his witty comment.

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