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Mathias Nothegger and Cline Schrer achieve the triumph - La Provincia

Mathias Nothegger and Cline Schrer achieve the triumph - La Provincia

Mathias Nothegger and Céline Scharer, in the men's and women's categories respectively, were the protagonists of the second day of the EPIC Gran Canaria Riu Hotels? Sorts. The international cycling event, which brings together 450 runners, ends today with the queen stage.

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The day of yesterday consisted of a route of 75 kilometers, that went from Maspalomas until the town of Tirajana in a race of great fund that included two timed sections.

With a time of 48 minutes and 24 seconds - real time once the bonus obtained in Friday's criterium was discounted - Mathias Nothegger, from the club, placed himself as leader of a platoon that traveled one of the most popular routes for the lovers of this sport.

The Austrian signed his performance with a great performance in both the four-kilometer and the long 24-hour explosive time trial. He marked differences with the veteran star of cycling Davide Rebellín; the Italian, runner-up of the World Cup, finished second with 49 minutes and 5 seconds. The third place corresponded to the Spaniard Javier Ramos Domínguez (51 minutes and 12 seconds).

In the female category, times were much tighter. The peloton rolled very close until its arrival at the finish line, located on the Cantabrian Sea street, in the area of ​​Meloneras (San Bartolomé de Tirajana).

The Swiss Céline Scharer, with a final time of 1.07: 05, won. Heidi Sandsto, leader of the Criterium on Friday and who took second place with a time of 1.07: 51, was close behind. The podium of this second stage was closed by the German Katharina Voelkel (1.11: 34). The tightness of this ranking of females presages a beautiful fight on the third day in pursuit of the final victory.

Decisive day

The second edition of this EPIC Gran Canaria Riu Hotels? Sorts lives today its big day with the celebration of the considered queen stage of this event, marked as a reference in two of the most important circuits of this discipline in the world, the Union International Cyclist and the Great World Tour Fund; the latter includes the Gran Canaria test in a select agenda where only 16 international events are shown.

The runners leave from the Mirador de las Dunas de Maspalomas to set course for the first timed section, located at the foot of the port of Ayagaures. A distance of 4.1 kilometers is disputed there with climbs of up to 17% slope and an average inclination of 5.7%; Cutting time has been set at 30 minutes.

Pasado Cercados is the second of the timed sections, 24.5 kilometers, an average gradient of 4.7%. It is a time trial that goes through the dam of Las Niñas, Soria and ends at the top of Ayacata.


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