Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Matas, sentenced to ten months in prison for prevaricating in the contest of the hospital of Son Espases

The former president of the Government Jaume Matas He has been sentenced to ten months in prison for continued prevarication, influence peddling and inducement to fraud for his maneuvers to manipulate the adjudication contest of the hospital in Son Espases. As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJIB), the first section of the Audiencia of Palma has also condemned the former minister, who is serving a sentence for the Nóos case, to 10 years and 2 months of disqualification.

In addition, the ruling imposes the former Health Minister Aina Castillo as author of prevarication and inducement of a crime of fraud to the administration, a penalty of 8 months in prison replaceable by a fine of 4,800 euros, in addition to disabling her for public employment or office for 10 years

The former general director of the Health Service Sergio Bertrán has been convicted of fraud and a one year jail substitution for 5,760 euros fine and 13 years of disqualification. The businessman Jesus Peinado has been imposed the same penalty of alternative fine to prison and 10 years of disqualification.

The court considers that Matas had a direct influence on the contracting table in order to fulfill its purpose of awarding the tender for the construction of the Balearic reference hospital to the OHL company. Castillo and Bertrán are condemned for agreeing and contributing to the plans of the then president of the Balearic Government, which finally became frustrated because it was made public that the construction of the health center was going to be commissioned to the most expensive offer. The hospital, the largest public works of the Balearic Islands, was tendered in 2006 for 778.4 million euros.

Although Matas had conformed in the trial with 4 months of imprisonment when admitting crimes of continued prevarication and fraud, he refused to have committed influence peddling, but the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Community Bar and MÉS, a party charged as a popular accusation, requested that it be convicted of that crime to one year in prison.

The magistrates who form the court have considered that Matas acted "on the collective as a whole", in reference to the hiring table. The other three defendants have been condemned to the penalties that their defenses agreed with the accusations in a complete conformity agreement that supposed the confession of their crimes at the beginning of the oral hearing.

The accusations had also requested that Matas be condemned to face as a civil liability an amount of 31.6 million euros, which is the amount of profit estimated by the construction company OHL.

However, the court has imposed on all defendants the duty to pay jointly and severally 29,500 euros, which was the benefit obtained by the consultant who prepared a report to determine the outcome of the contest. This amount was already consigned by the defense of the former president, who offered it to the Legal Profession of the Autonomous Community.

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